One of the company’s biggest strengths is the diversification of its areas of expertise.

The skilled Réseau Lam team makes a point of guiding and counselling clients throughout the process. Réseau Lam offers an array of specialized services that include laying fibre optic cable, installing IP telephony, and installing computer networks. We have telecommunication solutions for all types of projects. Contact us!

IT system

Local area network, modem, router, switch, computer room, fibre optics.

Cable system

Installation of network cables, telephone cables, video conductor cables, multi-pair and multi conductors.

Technology deployment:

Installation of computer hardware, outsourcing of resources, technological configuration plans, moving and/or reconfiguration.

Banking services

Installation of automated teller machines (ATM).


Over the past 30 years, Réjean Lamoureux and his employees have brought their expertise to bear on small, mid-sized and major projects.


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